SHS Philosophy of the Human Person





Noelle Leslie dela Cruz
Beverly A. Sarza
Dennis Apolega

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Developed for the SHS core course Introduction to the Philosophy of the Human Person, this innovative textbook provides a first entry into philosophical thought and activity. It is chock-full of thought experiments, national and international case studies, exercises, and supplementary sources to guarantee the students’ engagement with the most relevant and contemporary issues concerning personhood. These include philosophy as critical thinking, the mind-body problem, the problem of identity, environmental philosophy, the freedom of the will, the self-other relation, social and political philosophy, gender issues, and death and the meaning of life. Not only do the authors address both eastern and western traditions, they also adopt a variety of philosophical methods, from phenomenology to conceptual analysis. The textbook is written with a view to fulfilling the outcomes-based learning needs of Filipino students, and aligned with the senior high course syllabus provided by the Department of Education.

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