SHS Oral Communication in Context



978 967 2113 89 8


Celia T. Bulan
Belen D. Calingacion

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This book is tailored for the core subject of Oral Communication in Context of the Philippines Senior High School curriculum. It is designed to equip students with the necessary listening and speaking skills that will serve them well in their daily lives. It includes theoretical and basic foundation of the field of speech or oral communication as well as practical lessons guided by the syllabus prescribed by the Department of Education (DepEd). This book has a comprehensive approach to the subject and is concerned with undertakings and skills relating to various types, aspects and contexts of speech or oral communication. Even going beyond the lessons in the prescribed syllabus, the book includes a chapter on Listening and on Ethics. The authors believe that these are important topics to help students in understanding the process of communication and the role of listeners—not just the speakers—as well as emphasizing the importance of communicators’ ethical responsibilities. This book will not only hone the students’ oral or speaking skills to make them competent communicators but more importantly, as ethical communicators.



• Complies with the requirements of the Oral Communication in Context subject of the Senior High School curriculum

• Brief and concise notes which assist students in the mastery of the required skills

• A variety of examples which complement the discussions and illustrate clearly the skills taught

• Ample graded exercises which enable students to apply the skills learnt in a step-bystep manner

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