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Emmanuel A. Cabral
Jumela F. Sarmiento

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This book is tailored for students taking the General Mathematics course that is required in Senior High School under the new K-12 curriculum. Exercises provided at the end of each section are aimed for students to test their comprehension of the topics and to practice what they have learned. Marginal notes containing interesting and valuable information are interspersed throughout the chapters for quick reference. Review exercises and assessment at the end of each chapter serve to summarize and deepen the students’ understanding of important concepts discussed in the chapter.

General Features:

• Tailored for the General Mathematics subject in Senior High School.

• The examples provide step-by-step and detailed solutions to problems.

• Includes real-life situations that can be solved by applying the mathematical concepts.

• Includes marginal notes containing interesting and valuable information for student’s easy reference.

• Includes questions ranging from easy to difficult in Checkpoints, Chapter Review, and Chapter Assessment. They are designed to cater for Higher Order Thinking Skills’ approach.

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