SHS English for Academic and Professional Purposes



978 967 2270 48 5


Christine V. Lao
Gabriela Lee
Marella Therese Tiongson

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English for Academic and Professional Purposes is a textbook for 21st-century senior high school students in the Philippines who want to improve their research writing skills for their studies and their future careers through guided practice. With a mix of theoretical and practical lessons, guided by the standards set by the Department of Education, this book will not only hone the students’ research capabilities, but also will prepare them for writing tasks beyond the classroom.

General Features:

• Complies with the requirements of the English for Academic and Professional Purposes subject of the Senior High School curriculum.

• Brief and concise notes which assist students in the mastery of the required skills.

• Various examples which complement the discussions and illustrate clearly the skills taught.

• Packed with graded exercises which enable students to apply the skills learned in a step-by-step manner.

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