Personal Development and Ethics



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Azfahanee Zakaria
Jalilah Ahmad

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Personal Development and Ethics is suitable for diploma and degree students studying business and management courses. It serves to promote a holistic approach to personal growth and development, combining personal success with ethics and leadership skills. Important concepts such as those pertaining to personal development, attitude, self-esteem, self-motivation, self-management, human relations and communications, dealing with conflict, professionalism, ethics and etiquette, are explored and elaborated upon.

Key Features

• Presents topics on personal development and ethics in an accessible manner.

• Incorporates a strong Asian flavour through local perspectives.

• Helps students to relate the topics to the real world through the examples provided.

• Provides chapter snapshots via a summary section at the end of each chapter.

• Offers practices in the form of two self-assessments at the end of every chapter.

• Reinforces students’ grasp of the topics via discussion questions and classroom activities.

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