Integrated Marketing Communications



978 967 2270 04 1


Yuslina Liza Mohd Yusof
Maria Gwenetha Ybanez Pusta
Intan Syafinaz Mat Shafie
Thanaseelen Rajasakran

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This book is tailored for the Marketing Communications course at institutions of higher learning. It is designed to meet the needs of Asian undergraduate students majoring in Marketing and Communication studies. It starts off with discussions on the concept of integrated marketing communications (IMC) and the IMC process. It then explores the marketing communication tools such as advertising, sales promotion, and direct marketing. The impact of social and digital media is covered as well. The book ends with topics on the international environment of IMC as well as social and ethical issues of IMC. Key Features • Tailored for the Marketing Communications syllabuses of higher education institutions • Written at an accessible level for students • Packed with illustrations and graphics for better comprehension • Interspersed with mini cases that portray real-life examples • Reinforces students’ understanding through opening and closing case studies in each chapter • Tests students’ comprehension through end-of-chapter discussion questions • Emphasis on important concepts through a list of key terms and summary at the end of chapter

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