Fundamentals of Food and Beverage Operations





Aliya Marnina Amirudin
Sabrina Mohd Hashim
Cheng Mun Kid
Siti Nur Ahmad Kamaruddin
Atirah Kamaruddin

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Fundamentals of Food and Beverage Operations is a comprehensive textbook that introduces students to the fundamental practices of food and beverage operations. Written by experienced lecturers and tailored for hospitality students in Asia's higher education institutions, the book is designed specifically to prepare students with the right skills, knowledge and attitudes to perform basic food and beverage services, identify kitchenware, develop proper menus, conduct service with proper etiquette, differentiate alcoholic from non-alcoholic beverages, and understand  legislation in the food and beverage industry.

Each chapter ends with exercises that cater to Higher Order Thinking Skills, which would enhance the students’ understanding of the concepts learnt. Each chapter also provides suggested projects that encourage students to go to the field to gain hands-on experiences in food and beverage operations.


Key Features

  • Caters for the restaurant service syllabuses of  higher education institutions in Asia

  • Focuses on the mastery of concepts and services in the food and beverage industry

  • Provides students with a holistic understanding of the fundamentals of food and beverage operations

  • Enhances students’ understanding of the topics through end-of-chapter exercises such as review questions and project work

  • Includes case studies based on real-life situations in the food and beverage industry for students to easily relate to the concepts learnt


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