Excel in Science Teacher's Guide 5A





Alan Haigh
Deborah Roberts
Geraldine Shaw
Terry Hudson

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Editable Word and PDF Files for Scheme of Work
Answers for Workbook
Printable Worksheets
Answers for Worksheets
PowerPoint Presentations
Rencana Pelaksanaan Pembelajaran (RPP)

Excel in Science is a comprehensive set of books developed for the Cambridge Primary Science Curriculum Framework (Stages 1–6). It also incorporates the latest National Curriculum for Indonesia. It is designed to nurture students’ interest in learning science and to attain mastery of concepts and skills, as well as 21st Century skills.

This Teacher’s Guide is designed to support the components of Excel in Science 5. The guide covers materials in both the Student Book and Workbook to assist teachers in planning and delivering lessons. The lesson plans provide creative teaching ideas and extra activities to explore scientific knowledge and enquiry skills in an engaging manner. Exercises and activities are designed in such a way to enable teachers to teach and guide students of different learning abilities. Some of these resources can be printed or photocopied for use in the classroom, or at home. Answers are provided to the exercises and activities in the Student Book, Workbook and Worksheets.

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