Differential Equations





Noreliza Abu Mansor
Noraini Md Nusi
Saliza Baharudin

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Differential Equations serves as a textbook for Engineering and Science students pursuing basic courses in Differential Equations. The book is designed to assist students in mastering the fundamentals of differential equations and its applications. A comprehensive pedagogical approach is adopted for this book, which includes ample examples, figures, review questions, keywords and end-of-chapter practices. The book starts off with a review chapter on basic calculus, followed by discussions on the various aspects of differential equations.

Key Features

  • Presents Differential Equations topics in an accessible and engaging manner.
  • Enables students to check their understanding through review questions interspersed within each chapter.
  • Assists students in applying the key concepts of Differential Equations through ample examples.
  • Reinforces students’ grasp of the topics via a variety of end-of-chapter exercises.
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