Derivatives: Futures, Options and Swaps—Asian Perspectives



978 967 2113 30 0


Salihin Ramli

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This book deals with financial derivatives—futures, options, swaps and Islamic derivatives. Consisting of 14 chapters, this book is to cater for the Asian context with examples on contracts from Malaysian, Singaporean, and other Asian exchanges and over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives. Each chapter includes real-life cases and a comprehensive set of review questions to consolidate students’ learning. Related topics such as clearinghouses, fundamental analyses, technical analyses, hedging and speculations are covered as individual chapters, therefore making it a comprehensive guide for those learning the subject.

Key Features:

  • Tailored for Derivatives syllabuses covering futures, options and swaps at higher education institutions.

  • Equips executives at various levels with knowledge of derivatives for the purpose of hedging using futures, options and swaps.

  • Completely covers derivatives topics acceptable in Islamic finance.

  • Includes real-life case studies to help readers relate the theories and concepts to the real world.

  • Interspersed with review questions to help students check their comprehension of the topics.

  • Reinforces students’ understanding through ample concept questions and problem-solving questions.

  • Recalls key concepts through a list of Glossary.

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