Corporate Finance - An Asian Perspective



978 967 2113 29 4


Noryati Ahmad
Eric H.Y. Koh
Chan Sok Gee
Zulkufly Ramly
Nor Zarina Abu
Khairatun Hisan Idris
Catherine S.F. Ho
Chong Jin Yoong

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This is a comprehensive textbook catered for students in Accounting, Business, Economics and Finance pursuing the subject at the degree level, mostly in the senior years. It aims to equip students with the concepts, principles and approaches of corporate finance, and thus enable them to solve problems related to this area. Students are exposed to the firm’s financing and investing activities. The first part of the book helps students to refresh their understanding of Financial Management. It then progresses to the core topics of Corporate Finance. The book also includes special topics such as mergers and acquisitions as well as behavioural finance.


Key Features:

  • Tailored for Corporate Finance syllabus at universities.
  • Written in simple language with illustrated solutions for better comprehension.
  • Interspersed with case studies to help students relate the theories and concepts to the real world.
  • Provides a chapter summary and list of key formulae at the end of each chapter to recap the main points and concepts of each chapter.
  • Reinforces students’ understanding through ample concept questions and problem-solving questions.
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